We are The Southern Connecticut Wine Company, SoConn. Wine Co. for short.

Nestled in the quaint town of Wallingford, we are a female owned and operated winemaking facility. We don’t grow our grapes in Connecticut, but we have a partnership with a vineyard in California. We source the grapes from the Suisun Valley. Our goal is to create a boutique wine label that blends our passion, knowledge and expertly cultivated product from one of the best wine growing regions in the world. Our first crush under our new label will be this fall! Stay tuned for more details…

In the mean time, come down to the winery and tour our facility. We offer wine appreciation classes, craft nights and blending classes.

Our Grapes

Great wine starts with great grapes… We source our grapes from Lanza Musto Vineyards, located in Suisun Valley, CA. Suisun Valley was established in 1982, nestled in between two costal mountain regions southeast of Napa. It is made of multiple micro climates, allowing for many grape varieties to flourish. Suisun Valley is best known for Petite Sirah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lanza Musto Vineyards takes pride in the grapes. Every grape is picked by hand, accompanied by a moving platform so the grapes never touch the ground. They handle the grapes with the utmost care. Our grapes are shipped in 1/2 ton and 1 ton bins on refrigerated containers, monitored by RYAN Systems.

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Strategically Sourced & Organic Oriented

We source only the finest grapes.