Join our Wine CoOp and handcraft your own wine!

Come, join us and relax with family and friends. Experience the art of wine making as you create delicious wine in a hands on setting.

Our Wine CoOp offers new and seasoned wine-makers the opportunity to hand craft their own special vintage. Using state of the art equipment and sourcing grapes from California and Washington in the fall and Chile, Argentina and South Africa in the spring, all who participate are assured of having the time of their lives. If you are interested in joining the SoConn WineCoOp e-mail us at Our next crush begins on Saturday, September, 2017.



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Our Process

Fresh grapes are flown in from all over the world and delivered to our facility in Wallingford. The whole process takes about a year from start to finish. As long as we can source the grapes, we can make the wine.. Reds, whites and rosés! The majority of the reds are aged in oak barrels. Whites and rosés are aged in stainless steel tanks.


Hands on…. You got it! Dump the grapes into the crusher start the all important fermentation process! No need to wash your toes… Our machine crushes and de-stems the grapes in one swoop.


Seven to ten days after you crush, you return to the shop to press your grapes. Here you will take the fermented must and transfer it into the press. Gentle pressing extracts the juice and now the liquid is ready for aging. Take a taste…and think of what will become.

Next, we transfer the pressed liquid into your own oak barrel. Here it sits to age. Be sure to come and visit your barrel in the coming months. A great time to barrel taste!


About half way through the process, you come back to the shop to rack your wine. When we rack, the wine is pumped out of the barrel and into a fermentation tub. You will then clean the sediment out of the barrel and pump the wine back into the barrel. A quick step, but a necessary one. Racking aids in the stabilization and clarification of your wine.


Caution: This may get a little crazy! The most fun of all. About twelve months after your first visit to our Wine CoOp, the wine has finished aging and you begin what we call:” The Assembly Line”. The wine is gravity fed into the bottling machine, then you hit it with the automatic corker. Next you place a capsule on the top of the bottle and heat seal it.

We have a variety of labels for you to choose from that will truly customize your wine and make it your own!


Each season we select a few popular varietals and mix in some new blends. You are able to buy into the group by the case, with a three case minimum. The Co-Op pairs customers together to create a variety of wine. You’ll assist in crushing the fresh grapes, pressing them into barrels, bottling, corking and creating a custom label for your vintage. If you are interested in joining the SoConn WineCoOp, please email us at 

The Co-Op operates on a share program…

  • MINIMUM SHARE: 3 Cases (36 bottles) = $540

Additional cases may be purchased for $180 per case.

Strategically Sourced & Organic Oriented

We source only the finest grapes. Join our Wine CoOp and enjoy a unique winemaking experience.